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Welcome to the Videogame Lookalikes archive! All your old favorites are here (David Bowie!), with new updates over at VideogameLookalikes.com



I should have known that if I bragged about regular updates, you wouldn't hear from me for months. In that sense, I'm sort of like the Runaway Bride, only without Richard Gere and white sneakers. Also, my face doesn't make rabbits cry. But aside from all that, I'm exactly like Julia Roberts.

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Subject: i feel like i look similar to zelda

ewll from what i have been told by lots of guys. check it out!! its up to you... i also have better pics on myspace.com and if you would like free advertising on my site let me know. u dont have to do anything. it b nice to be posted on your website but u dont have to...

ty sencerily

the zeldachick
myspace: zeldachick
  1. Kayla, Princess Zelda
  2. Kayla, Princess Zelda
  3. Kayla, Princess Zelda
  4. Kayla, Princess Zelda
  5. Kayla, Princess Zelda


Holy crap! I'm actually updating on the 15th and 31st of every month. Of course, November had to go and screw me over, but at least you're getting Lookalike Goodness a day early.

(You owe me big for this one.)

Videogame Lookalikes is sweeping the internation. So it makes sense that if I'm going to subject Germans and Puerto Ricans to Britney Spears lookalikes, I should accept lookalikes for foreign personalities:

i've been looking thru your site, and i really found it very interesting XD anyway, this look alike is of how Shigeru Myamoto (or whatever its spelled) look alike Dedé Santana, a known brazilian humourist, and Zacarias, another famous humouristic brazilian, respectively.

If you think you need to put the names, feel free to.
Solid lookalike, my friend. My only questions is, why would I need to put the names up? Only a fool wouldn't recognize such famously funny Brazilians!


I see you guys Digg Videogame Lookalikes. I can dig it. Just under seven billion unique hits in under a day? I'm blushing like a little girl.

To celebrate, here's a lookalike submitted by Fritz Fraundorf of the GIA. Yeah, it's that old. There wasn't anything wrong with this lookalike. Hell, I liked it. But after waiting several years for "Musician Only" update that never came, I felt its time had come.

It just goes to show, if I don't publish your lookalike right away, just wait a few years and it'll all be better. There's really no need to send me a vaguely threatening letter like this one:

dude please ihave already send you these lookalikes put them in your page or else
- Enzan the Ocelot

'Or else'? Sheesh! Put down the knife, kid. I'm sure it's real important that you let the world know that Grey Fox looks just like a TMNT Foot Gunner Ninja, but first I have to post quality lookalikes like these!


Happy Halloween!

Hey, better tomorrow than yesterday, right? If you REALLY want you can save these for tomorrow, but that'd be like saving your Mini Snickers until you get home. BIG MISAKE. 'Cause all you'd have to eat are those honey comb crunchy health candies that get stuck in the few teeth remaining in your head after you mistakingly bite down on one.

Day two is leading up to the big October 31st surprise, and it's here with a VENGEANCE. And a FURY. A FURIOUS VENGEANCE. Ah man I like the sound of that. Furious Vengeance: Part 2: Bloodclaw Swamp Starring famed villain Oklahoma Hacksaw with special effects by Red Die #40. Coming in January, because we missed the October release.

Without further jibba-jabba, HALLOWEEN LOOKEYLIKES! Boogatey WOO!


Huzzah! An update! At long last!

Fans of frequency will be happy to know I've returned to a (slightly modified) original lookalike design. Besides being a glorious return to my iconic roots -- thanks! -- it's also easier to pull off. And you know what that means (more updates) but I'm not gonna say it (too risky) because then I'll jinx myself (already did.)

You know, I've been doing Videogame Lookalikes for years. Though I don't recall the exact date, I'm pretty sure this website was up as early as 2000, and quite possibly much, much earlier, actually rising from the primordial ooze known as the nineteen nineties.

Videogame Lookalikes is going on seven years and freakin' Chrono Trigger is still top on the list. Not one A-Game, not one B-Game, not even after all these years. Well, not anymore. I'm pleased to present a small but highly prized series of works known as "The BeTrapped! Collection," as well as a few other choice lookalikes.

(Franklin Eggerton and McArra from Navy Moves are my personal favorites this week. That means they're best.)

ATTENTION: I just realized that Action Puzzle Game Zoo Keeper has BeTrapped! beat by about five months. Dangit.


Nobody's perfect. And neither was my old clickable email address. So from now on, you're going to get the badass image you see above. It may not be clickable, but at least it looks vaguely threatening in a gothic conquest of Rome sort of way.

Before I continue, here are this week's lookalikes.

Sometimes, people send me letters, like this one:

methinks i look like quistis haha
- Rebecca

Well, Rebecca, do you know what?

And thus begins the newest section of Videogame Lookalikes (coming to a Bonus page near you): Reader Lookalikes. Think your mother is a dead ringer for Mega Man? Does your workplace resemble something from Illbleed? Send it in! You know the address. Just get your parents permission first, I don't want this place turning into the next MySpace.

In a recent survey[1], 56.7% of Videogame Lookalikes readers list English as their primary language. That means 43.3% of people reading this right now, er, can't read it.

[Image: Pie Chart - English 56.7%]

Obviously, my lookalikes have some universal appeal that transcends all language barriers. For instance, Ayane's lookalike is just as popular in Germany or Japan as it is here in America.[2] Incidentally, Ana Sofia Henao is from Colombia, and she's one year younger than me. And for some reason, that makes me feel like I got a chance. *grins*

  1. A survey in which you had no real input or privacy, as I simply used Javascript to rape the information out of your web browser.
  2. Except for certain parts of San Francisco. Snap!


Like that date? Well you should. It follows the standard ISO Date Format for international sensitivity[1]. And the website? Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional[2]. This suit? Armani. Everything is Armani, even things I am not wearing, but might touch my fingers are Armani. This keyboard is Armani. The software I run my computer on is an Armani suite. And these lookalikes are some of the damned finest lookalikes lurid favors can buy.

Enough braggery. It's time to set a new standard. A new standard in Lookalikes. Behold, the redesign!

I'm even using footnotes. How's that for snobbery.
  1. More information can be found here at The ISO 8601 Date Format
  2. Proof!
    Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional
  3. Because it's not a list unless there's three.

[Saturday, February 25th. 2006]

I get mail.

i'm not here to send any look-a-likes, i'm here to complaint your site has some very good look-a-likes, but some just got me REAL pissed! like how somebody said that Violet from Tekken 4 looked like Michael Jackson! NO HE FRIGGIN DOESNT!!! gosh! Violet is my favorite char and youre saying he looks like some child molester! W/E!!! jeez o flip...
Jeez o flip indeed. Based on your complaint, I decided to reevaluate the existing Violet/Jackson Lookalike.

Violet/Michael Jackson videogame lookalike

As you can see, there are a few discrepancies. While Michael Jackson's jacket is black, Violet is dressed in some previously unknown color, a strange combination of red and blue. If the university allows me to name it, I think I'll go with "redloo." Also, Michael Jackson has one glove, while Violet doesn't have any hands.

So, for the first time ever, I have retracted a lookalike. Here is the new Violet lookalike. Once again, my apologies.

Now, let's get to the lookalikes. In light of all this, I've assembled a crack team of pedobusters -- The Manly Seven. These guys are lean, mean, and TiVo every episode of To Catch a Predator. Perverts beware, The Manly Seven's pedometers are set to kill.

But wait! There are only six! Who's the seventh man?

Why, Violet, of course.

[Wednesday, February 1st. Troll time.]

Allright, I promised a bunch of G4TV updates. But then I got kind of... sidetracked. Instead, I decided to just close my eyes, throw a couple of darts out the window, and whenever I'd hear a scream, I'd point to a random lookalike and shout, "NOW!"

At that, my army of singing trolls would rush it away to the V.G.L. Industries to toil away in the sweatshop. The results? Almost as good as the American trolls' work, and at half the cost. That, my friends, is good business.

Holy digital cable, batman! G4TV featured my page on their Attack of the Show... uh... show. We'll have pictures and clips soon, but for now, dig these HARDKORE LOOKEYLIKES. No, seriously, they are really good. Especially the Solid Snake one, which just might be the most blatant ripoff of all time.

Next week we'll have lookalikes from the G4TV crowd. It's new blood, people. And it smells fresh.

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