Story From Dr. at PlayStation Clinic

Written 2002-11-28

Believe it or not, this little nugget of Engrish hilarity was on the Japanese PlayStation support page for years. (Even though it sounds like it was run through translation software several times, I swear I didn't tamper with it.)

Now you know why most Sony RPGs sound like they were translated by Yoda.

Story of Insects

Power code?

I'm still not sure what a "PlayStation clinic" is, but I think it's where you go after your PS2 humps the neighbor's Xbox.

Story of Liquid

Let's be honest, if anyone spills anything, it'll be beer or bong water. This is obviously a conspiracy of those godless sons of bitches at Sony to keep me from baptizing my PlayStation in Mountain Dew.

Story of Pets

Hey, if a little pee in the PSX is the price I have to pay to see my cat dance like Snoopy, so be it.

Zeus was too full of turkey to say anything intelligent.

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