Tutorial: How to Fix VLC's Washed Out Colors, Improve DVD Upsampling & Compress the Audio to Prevent Loud Volume Spikes
VLC media player is the swiss army knife of video players. It's free and does everything well. Problem is, its default settings are focused more on compatibility than quality. Let's fix that, shall we?

Titular Movie Theme Songs
Back in the 80s, every movie had its own theme song. These weren't random hits chosen to sell soundtracks -- these were titular theme songs -- the title of the film was in the lyrics!

Legend of the Mystikan Ninja
Lost in the far reaches of the dollar store for untold aeons, the armies of Wizards Magic and Ninja. The article that inspired a website!

Think Outside the Treasure Chest
Why the obsession with fantasy RPGs? Sure, early RPGs ripped their play mechanics from D&D, which borrowed heavily from Tolkien, who was inspired by mythology -- but that's no reason EVERY FREAKING RPG must contain magic and goblins.

Story From Dr. at PlayStation Clinic
One of the weirdest things ever to find its way onto a corporate website.

60 Seconds With God
Save your soul in a minute -- or less!

Videogame Lookalikes
David Bowie is in EVERY Videogame!

Misadventures in Morrowind
The short-lived adventures of the unluckiest wizard ever to set foot in Morrowind.

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