Evil Blond Men
In Hollywood, blond guys have two choices: Dye your hair brown, save the world and get the leading lady. Or keep it blond and work on your bad guy face. It's the rant that started a TV Trope!

New Radiation Symbol
There's a new symbol, featuring radiating waves, an arrow, running person, skull, and a 15% chance that by the time you're done reading this, you'll already be dead.

OMG, the Prince of Persia is White!
People were offended when Jake Gyllenhaal was cast as the Prince of Persia, because being offended is easier than being educated.

Sony's Innovation, Dedication, or Lack Thereof
On the heels of the Oculus Rift, Sony has announced their own VR helmet for the PS4. Project Morpheus is bound to be a technological wonder, but it's not their technology I'm worried about.

Everyone Loses When You Pay to Win
Strangely enough, I actually dislike Pay to Win games. Here's why!

Red Dead Redemption Ripoff
Rockstar and GameStop usher in a new low in the battle against used game sales. But worse than that, they try to tell a grown cowboy how to dress himself.

Adventures in Hell
Zeus once installed America Online, back when that was a thing. It was an experience he'll never forget. From piracy to pedophiles, AOL had it all.

Truck Nuts
The worst thing you can see dangling from the back of a vehicle, other than an empty leash and pet collar.

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