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Everyone Loses When You Pay to Win

Rant by Zeus | 2013-11-18

Strangely enough, I actually dislike Pay to Win games.

Here's why!

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3x3 - Favorite Use of Split Screen

by Zeus | 2013-10-07

I haven't had time to see movies or catch up on episodes, except for Riddick.

Click here to read my latest 3x3 list.

3x3 - Favorite Horror Movie Kills

by Zeus | 2013-09-08

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Review: The Prophecy (1995)

Horror Movie Mini-Review by Zeus | 2013-08-28

The Prophecy is one of those 90s movies I vaguely remembered but never felt like rewatching. Until now! Christopher Walken plays Gabriel, a real Old Testament pillar of salt kind of Archangel, whose powers of pyrokinesis bring a whole new meaning to "Touched by an Angel." Jealous that God lifted "talking monkeys" -- that's us -- into His Grace, Gabriel started a war in Heaven that has been at a stalemate since basically forever. (It's like that episode of Friends, where Chandler and Ross are either equally strong, or equally weak.) But Gabriel has discovered something that can tip the scales: the dark soul of a cannibalistic Korean War criminal, which he intends to recruit and, I guess, put his army of Jealous Angels through basic training.

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Each week, the hosts of the Quarter to Three: Movie Podcast challenge themselves to a match of 3x3 ("three by three"). The object is to come up with a list of three movies that fit that week's topic: Best Explosions, Best Seductions, Best et ceteras, etc.

These are my entries.

More New Old Articles


I'm thinking of releasing "HD" remasters of these old articles. Meaning I'd have to track down Hard Rock: Save the Space on DVD and take some new screen captures at their original resolution. I'd also have to record director's commentaries whose opinions do not necessarily reflect my own, and add unskippable trailers that play before each article. ("You wouldn't steal a GRUMBLETTE, would you?")

New Old Articles


I'm digging deep into the archives to pull out some of my favorites.

Autopsy (2008) Horror Movie Mini-Review


This guy means business. And by "business" I mean "to kill you." This guy means to kill you.

If you're like me and you bought the third collection of After Dark's Eight Films to Die For, you probably avoided Autopsy (2008). Everything from the title to the grim, monochrome cover art lead me to believe it was the sort of movie where people were endlessly tortured in sterile rooms awash in blue-green hospital lighting. You know, the kind of lighting that even sucks the life out of lifeblood.

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I Live (sigh, again...)


Holy crap, it's time I updated this thing. Especially considering the 10% complete rant I've had at the top of my local copy. Something about the cliche look that replaced bald space marines. The less you know, the better.

Okay. I'm fine, how are you?

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